SusanHello! I am Susan Scholtz a certified coach. My passion is helping couples and teams reach their full potential through relationship systems coaching.

Life is continuously evolving, ever changing and sometimes we question whether we are up to the task of facing change. When dealing with change, we often feel unsure of ourselves both as an individual and when we are within a team. In fact, we habitually look at ourselves as alone, not even part of a team no matter how closely knit that team is.

That is where I come in: I will coach you as an individual and as an individual within a team,  with our main focus being relationships. Relationship coaching is a process supporting individuals to understand themselves and their environment – and to TAKE ACTION.

I will assist you as an individual to understand your relationship with yourself. I can help you understand your interact with self – your own feelings and emotions. And I will support you in interpreting this in terms of the feelings and experiences of others. I then use my coaching skills to help you move beyond the personal awareness to a powerful group identity. With my assistance you will be able to work skilfully with the emotional aspects on all levels of a relationship system – the self, others and the team.


Why is coaching special?

Many large corporations already have internal coaches available as part of their HR practices. So, with therapists, psychologists, social workers, family therapy centres, mediators and the many NGO’s working in the field of improving relationships, what advantages do coaching offer?

Coaching focuses on your inherent power to take CHARGE of your future.

The process enables YOU to eliminate negative thoughts and behaviour and successfully apply positive thinking patterns in everyday life. It empowers you to focus on the change you want TO BE in your OWN life, personal relationships and in teams outside the ‘home’.


Coaching is a positive process that moves you forward

Coaching is a relatively new field of expertise – specifically in South Africa, where many still believe that we are in charge of our lives, not realising that we do need some assistance to deal with societal issues. I will work WITH you to reach specific outcomes you want to reach. I will guide you on the way, while you take action.

As a relationship coach, my work is to drive processes within my client’s ‘self’. We will ultimately be on a journey together, where you are the driver, and I serve as the GPS. You have to TAKE the ACTION; do the driving, stop at red lights, keep within the speed limit, stop when tired; while I guide and direct the PROCESS.

Reaching the goals you set and living a fulfilled life, is your responsibility.

Relationship Coaching facilitates team awareness, growth and understanding. It results in COLLABORATION.