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Susan ScholtzA product of passion for education and nature

It is my life’s mission to help people to understand their own uniqueness and capabilities as well as to appreciate others for what they bring to life. Along with this mission and my life’s motto ‘to be the best I can be’; I’m driven to assist others through my passion for education and my keen interest in nature.

I have four post graduate qualifications, two with distinctions and I’m the proud achiever of the Best Post-Graduate Student in the Faculty of Education Award which I received after completing my B.Ed. degree.

Education: the driving force for human nature

I boast 25 years of experience in the field of education and training ranging from teaching during the early childhood development years, to assisting students and educators in making the paradigm shift towards proper outcomes based education.

I covered all levels of primary and secondary school training, facilitated at teacher training colleges and university lecture halls for residential and distance educational institutions. I’ve gained invaluable experiences being a Senior Subject Specialist in Psychological Services at district and regional level within the education and training sector. In addition, I served on governing bodies of primary and secondary schools and managed the complexities of distance learning centres throughout northern KZN, South Africa. I took up lead roles and responsibilities in many projects at these institutions and managed to build my expertise to an admirable level.

In 2013, I realised that coaching will feed my hunger to help people and this is when my coaching practice was born, and I finally felt at home!  Since then I’ve helped numerous clients to focus on personal relationship issues, helping post graduate students meet academic and research requirements. I’ve also coached a number of clients with communication barriers to make powerful changes in their existing relationships.

Along with my love for education, is my deep appreciation and admiration for our planet. The dismal state of our environment forced me to start engaging on an extensive journey into sustainable practices. I’m the proud owner of a thriving organic food garden and a fuel efficient car and I’m also conscious in reducing waste. I am also a certified carbon footprint assessor which allows me to educate people on the reduction of their carbon emissions.

I am a registered coach at COMENSA and in 2016 I will complete the advanced Organisational Relationship Systems Coach training to be registered through the International Coach Federation (ICF). I believe in giving back to society and am currently involved in mentoring grade 12 students to enable them and their families to realise a better future.

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