Couple Coaching

Assist your relationship through coaching

Couple CoachingCouples seeking coaching are driven to get results. They are willing to take the extra steps to stay together and work on their relationship.

Couples or partners in personal relationships who struggle with conflict within their relationship can overcome barriers in pursuit of their happiness and growth. Whether it’s not having enough time to focus on an intimate relationship, continuous miscommunication, exhaustion from daily demands or just doubting the relationship’s future; Couples Coaching can assist in hurdling these and building on the good pillars of your relationship.

As a coach I ask questions to assist one or both partners in a relationship to improve something; it could be improving your communication, personal growth or helping you both respond to each other’s needs better. Note that couple’s therapy is different to Couples Coaching as this is based more on assessing and adapting your habits in the present so you can get results you want in the future.

Together we focus on re-igniting the spark that existed in the ‘good old days’ and develop unique strategies to eliminate these barriers to a positive and fulfilled relationship.

TLG Client Testimonials CoupleIn applying the unique Organisational Relationship Systems Coaching techniques and tools, you and your partner as a system become the client, not the individual. The positions of individuals become less important than the wellbeing of the relationship system. Conflict is seen as the voice of the system demanding change, and change processes happen from within.

Through deep democracy within the system, improved emotional and social intelligence occur, and you as the couple will experience a deep awareness of your feelings and experiences of the relationship system.