Individual Coaching

We’re individuals, but social groupings are in our genes.

Individual CoachingAll coaching starts with the self. It is important to know and understand self in order to build on relationships.

American psychologist Abraham Maslow named the peak of his motivational theory – Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – as self-actualisation and the only way to reach this is through relationships. Self-actualisation in itself depends on our ability to relate to others.

We live as individuals, claim our rights as individuals and strive to be the best we can be, as an individual. So often we disregard the feelings and emotions of others and customarily our main aim is to become superior to our fellow human beings. Maybe the desire for superiority reflects our primeval instincts to survive and to be the strongest in every situation. But we forget that our cavemen forefathers already had different support systems in place. They were members of a clan; in which each member was responsible for specific task, yet no one could survive the harshness of life without the support of others. Have we lost this co-operation in our individualistic way of life, where individuals barely know those closest to them?

TLG Client Testimonials Individual CoachingIn recent years, the emergence of positive psychologies emphasises the importance of individuals’ different support systems. During Individual Coaching you will find that the process starts with you, the individual, and we focus on the relationship you have with yourself. Emotional intelligence, understanding your own feelings and emotions is crucial for your journey towards a fulfilled life.

Individual Coaching provides an exclusive one-on-one relationship with me that is completely bespoke to you as an individual as you outline your personal and business goals and challenges. I will maximise on this relationship by supervising the assessment, challenging you in a manner that encourages the push needed for development, and then supporting you to insure positive change.