Relationship Coaching

What is Relationship Systems Coaching?

Relationship Systems CoachingI define a relationship as a way in which people are connected, or their state of connectedness. It refers to the connectedness with the self and society. It is the way in which people or groups talk to, behave towards, and deal with each other.

A relationship can be experienced as the connectedness between the self and individuals with a specific purpose – a team of people, a boss and his subordinates, a couple or family and friends.

I believe a system is an integrative number of beings interacting with each other to become a whole, or another entity on its own. Holistic properties become much more than the individual strengths of the members. Though each individual in the system is a system in itself, has its own characteristics, personality and strengths, the ‘system’ becomes more important in reaching a unique goal or outcome.


Relationship Systems Coaching: the designed approach to future relationships

What needs to be understood is that relationship coaching does not ‘treat’ symptoms of a difficult relationship, but allows the relationship system, which is as a creative force to reveal solutions. Often common goals between parties are the basis, and alliances are the focus of the process.

My engagement with my clients is co-active, where the client and coach operate on a peer basis. The alliances are designed in collaboration and the client takes responsibility for actions towards changed behaviour.

Together we design actions that will ensure improved competence in future relationships as well as adopt the ability to apply changed behaviours in different circumstances in life. The process improves emotional intelligence and the skill to communicate on any level.  I consider negative self-beliefs to be temporary obstacles that are overcome in a safe relationship coaching environment.