My Relationship Coaching Approach

Selflessness is the outcome of the systems’ approach

Relationship Coaching ApproachIn applying the unique Organisational Relationship Systems Coaching techniques and utilising the tools, the team/couple as a system becomes the client, not the individual. The positions of individuals become less important than the wellbeing of the relationship system.

Conflict is seen as the voice of the system demanding change, and change processes happen from within.

Through deep democracy within the system, improved emotional and social intelligence, and enhanced system relationship intelligence, the team/couple or individual experience a deep awareness of feelings and experiences of the relationship system.  The result is an alignment with the needs of the system and the position of the individual becomes less important than the relationship system.

Through active listening, presence and the application of my tools and experience, YOU and YOUR TEAM are taken through different coaching phases, with the end result being a fully committed, focused and energised team, whom are bound by the uniqueness and intelligence of the relationship system in which you operate.

To ensure you are comfortable and certain about our agreement, I offer a free introductory session for us to meet and confirm problem areas you would like to focus on.


The pillars of relationship systems coaching

  • The relationship system becomes the client. Enquiry into the relationship is initiated, a deep awareness of the needs of the system and a partnership amongst members of the system emerges. The ‘me’ becomes ‘we’, and the system can speak for itself.
  • The relationship system is naturally intelligent and creative. This ensures enquiry, awareness and a deep commitment to the needs of the system. The system becomes the direction towards which the individual focuses energies.
  • The focus and work is being done with the system as a unique entity. Focus is placed within a deep democracy, where all voices within the system are heard.
  • The system reveals itself. Within this revelation, a deep respect for the system develops and playfulness and fun becomes part of the process.


My approach to the coaching process

I facilitate a process of change from misunderstanding to understanding, from disrespect to respect, from ‘me’ to ‘we’.

Each relationship system differs with different conflicting areas present, a focus on the uniqueness of the system is needed.  It doesn’t matter your unique circumstance; I will act as the GPS to guide you through the process of self-discovery to the near-perfect life you deserve.

By committing to your journey, we will focus on awakening new thought processes in your mind. Self-belief and self-confidence become the norm, and YOU grow as an individual and enhance your personal and work relationships.

In the process, I use my years of experience, my academic and specialised training and extensive tools from my relationship systems coaching toolbox to empower you, exceeding any and all expectations. During the process, you will enhance your emotional intelligence by exploring your unique characteristics and focus on success. Deeper understanding of your own conflicts and emotions will help you to explore and overcome underlying fears.