Why Relationship Coaching is Effective

Coaching is a special step in relationship rebuilding

Effective Relationship CoachingOne might wonder ‘why be coached’, as many other professional assistance exist in relationship management in the work place and in the medical field. Many large corporations already have internal coaches available as part of their Human Resource practices. So, with therapists, psychologists, social workers, family therapy centres, mediators and the many NGO’s working in the field of improving relationships, what advantages do coaching offer?

I’ve got the answer – Coaching focuses on YOUR inherent power to take CHARGE of your future. The process enables YOU to eliminate negative thoughts and behaviour and successfully apply positive thinking patterns in everyday life. It empowers you to focus on the change you want TO BE in your OWN life, personal relationships and in teams outside of ‘home’.


The impact of Relationship Systems

‘Systems thinking’ in relation to human behaviour started to make its mark in society about 60 years ago. It contradicted the existing paradigm of breaking everything down into different compartments of existence. ‘System thinking’ realised that all life operates within a ’bigger picture’, or a holistic perspective that individuals are influenced and dependant on others. Each individual impacts others in a unique way thereby creating a new system.

TLG Client Testimonials Relationship Systems CoachingWithin the systems approach, a number of focus areas emerged, but all is based on the intelligence and uniqueness of the system itself, as a whole it becomes more than the positions of the individuals in the system. Key factors are emotional intelligence, social intelligence and ultimately systems relationship intelligence.

Social intelligence becomes relevant when the client becomes aware of the emotions of others, understands their feelings and fears and respects their opinions. When a deep democracy and respect for others becomes real. By doing this, a move from the ‘position’ of the individual, to the ‘interest’ of the system becomes evident. The alignment of the individual to the needs of the relationship system becomes more important than the position of the individual. Relationship systems’ intelligence becomes the ultimate outcome.


The importance of relationship systems

We need other people in our lives…. we NEED connectedness!

I assist individuals, couples and teams – specifically management teams in the field of education, training and development – to identify and align to the needs of the relationship systems in which they operate.

No matter what the struggle; being it productivity, negative team spirit, diversity issues, change and conflict management, burn out or stress, or a new project the team has to tackle; the alignment of the team or partners is crucial for success to be reached. The process ensures high commitment levels and the combined individual abilities to become the intelligence of the relationship system.

My clients typically work through barriers; which might include communication barriers, conflict, negative energies, change or the demands of a new project or position; by focussing on the core of the system, rather than the positions of individuals. This happens because the system as an entity speaks out, even though it might be stuck between the voices and positions of individuals.

Couples or partners in personal relationships who struggle with conflict, or does not have enough time to focus on an intimate relationship, experience continuous gaps in their communication, are exhausted by the demands of everyday life or just feel overwhelmed by the sense of helplessness, can overcome these barriers in pursuit of happiness.

On your journey, I will guide you in aligning yourself – as an individual, couple or team and together we will focus on re-igniting the spark of enthusiasm and develop unique strategies to eliminate barriers to a positive and fulfilled relationship.